Practical, strategic and efficient legal advice:

· Intellectual property protection
· Drafting and negotiating contracts for research
· Policy-making around research issues
· Navigating the regulatory context of research in universities
· Commercializing or transferring research findings

Risk management in research environments:

· Review of research policy and practices to identify issues before they become legal problems
· Training to improve understanding of IP, contracts, research management and ethics

Services provided to:

· Universities and colleges
· Research institutions
· Companies conducting or sponsoring research
· Companies considering collaborating with research institutions
· Individuals with creative or innovative businesses






Why concern yourself with research contracts?

· A good contract addresses many matters, including questions of IP ownership, breach of contract, insurance and indemnity issues, the venue for any legal dispute and type of law that will apply, and the promises you make (warranties) about what you’ll deliver under the agreement.
· The very process of addressing such issues at an early stage strengthens the collaborative relationship amongst research partners. Skipping the necessary discussion puts your research on a rocky footing from the outset.
· Simply accepting your research partner’s proposed terms, proposing your “standard” agreement or negotiating tailored terms may make a big difference to the viability of a project, your bottom line, credibility, and potential liability if you fail to deliver. 

Why hire me?

· I know universities and can provide high quality advice on research-related law and regulation.
· I use my legal and management experience in universities to identify issues before they become costly legal liabilities. I am conscious of the particular challenges faced by research institutions engaged in applied research or beginning to engage in research or commercialization.
· My insight into academic environments allows me to demystify the process of collaborating with research institutions, minimising the time and cost to companies of engaging with university, college and hospital-based researchers.
· My background as a practising lawyer means that I can collaborate readily with in-house counsel or external legal counsel, where necessary.